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"Country Ever After" is a 12 episode docuseries about Coffey's career and his family. Its the only family friendly reality show on the streaming service that the whole family can enjoy!

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Hailing from Bangs, Texas, Coffey Anderson has built an acclaimed country music career defined by his tireless work ethic, deep sense of humility, and undeniable country roots. Passionate about using music to inspire hope, Coffey’s soulful tenor has seen him uplift the nation with his patriotic songs, pay respect to our troops, and connect to millions of listeners across the globe.

Coffey grew up singing gospel in the church, but it wasn’t until a breakup that he began to immerse himself in the craft and set his sights on a professional music career. In his youth, he borrowed his then-girlfriend’s father’s guitar. While the relationship didn’t last, his love of music endured. He kept the guitar, worked on his music, and, two decades later, has built a trailblazing career as a neotraditional country entertainer.

Upon relocated to Los Angeles in 2004 to pursue music full-time, the singer’s small-town upbringing, country values and unmatched work ethic stayed with him. Once in L.A., he carved out his own lane of country music.  He’d perform on the street with a foldable IKEA table where he sold CDs and took names for his email list. He realized he had to think like an entrepreneur if he wanted to make it in the industry.  Coffey took his music career into his own hands producing his own albums, booking his own shows, and editing his music videos out of his garage. In 2006, he launched his YouTube channel, Coffey Global, which has since amassed over 265,000 subscribers and 100 million lifetime views.

In the years since, Coffey has consistently used his music not only to entertain but to spread a message of hope and healing. When thirteen service members were tragically killed in a bombing at the Kabul airport during the Afghanistan evacuation in 2021, he offered to perform his song Mr. Red, White, and Blue at the service members’ funerals. Ultimately, he accepted requests from nine of the thirteen families, traveling at his own expense to perform the song at each of their funerals.

In 2022, Coffey had his Grand Ole Opry debut and received three standing ovations during his performance, something that has never happened before at the Opry.  He was also recognized by the prestigious Texas Country Music Awards as the Badass of the Year. Created by Ron Stone, the award celebrates those who have excelled in humanitarian deeds, selfless acts, charitable work, and loyal patriotism.

While building his brand as an entrepreneur and singer, Coffey continues to use his gift as an entertainer.  His presence continues to thrive online, attracting an average of 640,000 monthly listeners to his Spotify, while his TikTok likes have grown to over 3.7 million. His Netflix original reality series, “Country Ever After,” has been viewed by an estimated 50 million people.  Despite his ever-evolving career, Coffey retains his steadfast commitment to his initial goal through his music—using his gift to spread positivity, kindness, and love.