Video Dedications made to order by Coffey Anderson!

Video Dedications made to order by Coffey Anderson!

$399.00 $799.00

Do you have someone you love?

Do you want to do something special for them?

Maybe you've run out of ideas or maybe your gifts are predictable now?

Why not do something more than buy flowers (that will die) or ANOTHER date to the SAME restaurant as always? 

Why not send a PERSONALIZED video song and message DEDICATED to them?!

By Coffey Anderson?!

Coffey will relay your special message to this person using one of his HIT songs:

  • Better Today
  • Mr Red White and Blue
  • Happy Birthday
  • Memorial Day.

Coffey will perform acoustically with his guitar and will send your video via download link that will be sent to your email. 

With your order, you will receive a Full Color High Definition version for download in your email FREE! Post the video dedication wherever you want after you get it. Please allow 2 WEEKS in turnaround time. 


 You can even pick the occasion: Anniversary, "Happy Birthdays", "Get well soon", "I Miss You" or just simply "I Love You". We will do it! 

Order NOW!

Watch this testimony from our first order. 


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