Easy to Learn Guitar with Coffey Anderson

Easy to Learn Guitar with Coffey Anderson

$47.00 $97.00

Are you or someone you know looking to learn to play guitar? 

Maybe you want to play at your church, join a band, sing for the one you love, or just be the life of the party. This video was MADE for YOU.

This full HD, step by step instructional is the method that country music star, Coffey Anderson, has been telling people about. Coffey learned guitar using this method in about 30 days.

Coffey has over 500 Million views of his music videos, sold over 500,000 downloads with no major record label and he CANT READ SHEET MUSIC.

This comes with:

-a digital folder with OVER 400 HIT SONGS chord charts

-1 page of Beginner Guitar Charts that easily show finger positions 

 -1 Full HD Video Guitar Lesson with Coffey Anderson himself 


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